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Laboratorio CIFGA S.A. (CIFGA) is a chemical-pharmaceutical SME located in Lugo, Spain, and focused on developing marine toxin standards for analysis and research ( CIFGA has a large know-how acquired throughout the processes that are developed in the company related to the culture of marine microalgae, and different extraction and purification protocols applied to these microalgae as well as to seafood, which are used as raw material. Along the processes, specific analysis are developed and carried out with different techniques of HPLC and/or NMR to achieve the production of the compounds of interest, which are the marine toxins that will be used as standards for controlling the environmental safety, monitoring programs, seafood safety, studying new mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic uses. Therefore, CIFGA is nowadays a source in Europe of certified and reference materials for biotoxins, which autonomously produce.

This production system is based on developing each standard according to ISO Guide 34:2000 for producers of reference materials, so a similar quality level between controlled standards and certified standards can be guaranteed. In general terms, CIFGA catalogue is divided in 2 main sections: CRMs (Certified Reference Material) and QCSs (Quality Controlled Standards).

  • Those standards included in CRMs Section have their concentrations certified. The analytical method used for this is the quantification by 1H-qNMR; and assignment of the purity is based on combination of measurements from 1H-qNMR and liquid chromatography coupled to ESI-MS/MS. Currently, CRMs included in the catalogue are Okadaic Acid / Dinophysistoxin-1 / Dinophysistoxin-2 / Yessotoxin / Homoyessotoxin / 20-methyl Spirolide G / Domoic Acid / Tetrodotoxins
  • Those standards included in QCSs Section are not certified although have been purified following strict controls. The batches obtained do not allow to carry out the homogeneity/stability studies needed for certification, and the analytical method for quantification and assignment of purity is LC-MS/MS. Currently, QCSs included in the catalogue are Azaspiracid-1 / Azaspiracid-2 / Azaspiracid-3 / Azaspiracid-4 / Azaspiracid-5 / Pectenotoxin-2 / 13,19-didesmethyl Spirolide C / 13-desmethyl Spirolide C / N-sulfocarbamoyl Gonyautoxins 2&3 / Gonyautoxins 2&3
  • In this project, CIFGA will be mostly interested in the development and commercialization of the CTXs standards, as well as in the succesful development of a detection kit. Basing on the previous experience in producing and developing other marine biotoxin standards, CIFGA will support all the processes concerning to the growth of dinoflagellates and the special conditions for Gambierdiscus in WP2, as well as the extraction and purification steps, leading task 2.3 (Purification of the toxins) and establishing the required conditions for achieving the highest grade of purity.

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